Mago4 enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) offers a set of modules that can be tailored to your needs for effective business management. Choosing a suitable management system that presents and supports the growth of your business is crucial when making a decision.

Every enterprise requires a comprehensive set of management tools that are user-friendly and provide full control over operations. For small and medium-sized businesses, making the right decision at the right time is the key to long-term success.

Mago4 is based on a modular principle, allowing each manager to select the components to be used immediately and install additional modules later to cover additional business activities.

We ensure low maintenance costs for the software through our new intelligent update technology. The update process via the internet is completely automatic and does not disrupt system operations. The alternative method of updating from a disk is quick and easy.

During system updates, all the settings you have configured, including reports and program functions, are preserved. These settings are managed separately and fully integrated and compatible with the program. We safeguard your business data and preserve your personal preferences.

Mago4 provides efficient protection for personal data and features an interactive encryption system. The software is based on user profiles, allowing access to data and functions only for authorized users.