Introducing the multilingual Oltre Suite: Your Complete Cloud-Based Solution for Efficient Workforce Management

Oltre Suite is a comprehensive and integrated cloud-based software solution designed to streamline the management of staff working hours and ensure workplace safety. With its wide range of features, including staff attendance and absence management, access control, production data collection, and shift management, Oltre Suite caters to the needs of businesses across various sectors and sizes.

Integrated Functionality for Seamless Processes

Each application within Oltre Suite seamlessly integrates with other modules, thanks to its unified database. This integration allows for customized and efficient process management tailored to your specific requirements. By centralizing all software modules, Oltre Suite optimizes workflows and simplifies information retrieval.

Powerful Insights and Reporting

Oltre Suite provides detailed and highly customizable reporting, allowing you to visualize workforce data, group information, and track specific metrics at various levels within your organization. Our intuitive and efficient interface, shared across all applications, enhances usability and saves valuable time. All services are conveniently accessible through a single dashboard accessible from any authorized device, including terminals, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Cloud Time & Attendance: Effortlessly Track and Manage Attendance

Our Cloud Time & Attendance module offers a user-friendly solution for monitoring attendance, regardless of location or device. Say goodbye to software installations and geographical limitations as you extend your company’s reach worldwide. Activate your contract and start leveraging real-time attendance data presented in clear tables and graphics. Monitor absences, manage shift plans (optional), and calculate daily workforce costs effortlessly. A mobile application is available for traveling workers to submit attendance data, request leave, and access important documents. Don’t lose your time of HR for Form76, it is generated automatically and without human errors.

Cloud Access Control: Enhanced Security for Your Organization

Protect your company with Oltre Suite‘s integrated access control system that seamlessly connects with personnel management. With real-time access authorization monitoring, you can ensure the security of all areas within your buildings, including common and restricted areas. Streamline visitor management and simplify safety procedures during evacuations by generating a comprehensive list of present individuals. Additionally, effectively manage contractors and monitor their entry and exit times.

Cloud Reporting on Production: Real-Time Control over Production Data

Gain full control over your production and supply chain data with Cloud Reporting on Production. Track employee productivity in real time and monitor the progress of your production activities via web-based analytics. Access objective data to optimize your company’s production processes and make informed decisions. Manage items, orders, production phases, and cycles for a detailed and up-to-date view of your production operations. Identify improvement points and streamline your supply chain to maximize efficiency.

Cloud Shift Management: Streamlined Workforce Scheduling

Efficiently organize your workforce’s shifts with Cloud Shift Management, designed to meet the diverse needs of your employees and company. Create flexible work plans that align with contractual obligations, distribute work equitably, and ensure smooth operations. The powerful calculation engine of Shift Management enables rapid and cost-effective shift organization across various industries. Integrated with the Oltre Suite, it automates the processing of shift data in real time, seamlessly integrating attendance management.

Simplified and User-Friendly

Oltre Suite‘s intuitive interface and automatic calculation functions simplify attendance management for both employees and co-workers. Benefit from its ergonomic design and reduce the need for overtime and on-call staff, saving valuable time and resources. Stay up to date with real-time data, empowering your Human Resources Department to swiftly address any issues that may impact planned shifts. Monitor and manage workers’ schedules, replacements, and absences with ease, all within a cloud-based environment accessible from any device.

Choose Oltre Suite: Your Cloud-Based Solution

Embrace the power of Oltre Suite, designed to optimize workforce management processes while providing flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility. Our pay-per-use policy ensures you only pay for the employee you manage, keeping your monthly costs under control. The Oltre Suite terminals for Time and Attendance module come preconfigured and ready to use, enabling immediate availability of attendance data in real time. Complete your solution by selecting the ideal terminal from our wide range of AxessTMC options.

Take control of your workforce management today with Oltre Suite — your reliable and comprehensive software solution!