MagoCloud is a next-generation cloud-based ERP management software designed to prioritize security, distribution, and the ability to operate in both public and private cloud environments. Built on innovative technology and designed to accompany businesses in the world of Industry 4.0, MagoCloud maximizes the potential of your business and transforms new technologies into opportunities.

MagoCloud is aimed at SMEs in search of an intelligent and lightweight ERP solution that can scale alongside business growth.

Over the years, thousands of companies from various industries have chosen to manage their business with Mago software in its on-premise version. Today, leveraging this tradition, MagoCloud meets the needs of over 60 industry sectors and is ready to respond with a technologically innovative approach to businesses operating in highly digital environments.

An integrated solution is the key to success in a highly competitive environment. All areas of your business will benefit from the extensive product portfolio of MagoCloud, which includes not only basic ERP software functions but also a wide range of value-added solutions, from retail to project management.

Save Time and Costs
No licensing, maintenance, or security costs, no installation, no investment in hardware. MagoCloud allows for significant cost savings in terms of purchase and management expenses. The Total Cost of Ownership drastically reduces when transitioning from on-premise to a cloud solution.

Access Anytime, Anywhere
MagoCloud enables you to control, monitor, and work from anywhere, at any time. Process management is no longer limited to a company computer; it moves with you. All you need is an internet connection.

Always Protected Data
Data security in the cloud surpasses that of on-premise servers. MagoCloud adopts a multi-layered security system that ensures data integrity and provides backup for optimal information security.