Do you measure the efficiency of production in your company? James is the tool that allows you to monitor the efficiency of your production departments, the progress of orders, the productivity of your production resources, optimize activities, and track and control the quality of the products you produce in real-time. And all this on the screen of a tablet, smartphone, or through the internet.

James enables the collection of production data and individual events through a tablet. Workstations can be equipped with a touch screen and barcode reader. The system provides a workflow for data collection.

Data collection can be validated through a workflow that verifies the validity of parameters set in the configuration phase for each operation. Operators can be required to perform only one operation at a time, work in parallel on multiple machines, block activities at work centers, check the real-time status of individual resources, and complete tasks at the end of work or shift.

The system can be configured to automatically handle interruptions to streamline and expedite activities within the work shift. James allows the integration of data from work centers with operator tagging. Data collection checklists, sensors, and indicators can easily be connected to the system through the opening of a bidirectional communication channel.

James can be directly connected to the database of the management system to work without the need for data import or export, or it can be configured in standalone mode using a separate database. This ensures integration and consistency of data between production and management processes in your company.

With James, you get a convenient and powerful tool for measuring and managing the efficiency of production in your company. It helps you optimize production processes, monitor and control product quality, and achieve higher efficiency and competitiveness in your business. With its user-friendly features and multi-device accessibility, James is the ideal tool for the modern production environment.